OAVL Project

The OAVL project –Opera, a Vehicle for Learning, is an educational tool with the goal of having an original opera created by the students of a class. It also seeks to make the creation [...]

A Flying-off Platform

The project A Flying-off Platform takes place in our Emotions Library, a unique space that fosters creativity and awakens amazement and the search for knowledge. It is a space where students can [...]

Hands-on Science

This is a project based on practical, interactive, and experiment-based learning, in which science and real life are brought together and the student is motivated to reflect on big questions. The [...]

3D Printing

This is a cross-sectional joint project that involves the subject areas of Mathematics and Plastic and Visual Arts Education that is completed by 3rd-year Secondary education students and [...]

Choir of the Emotions

The Choir of the Emotions is based on the deep conviction that choral singing, when deployed under certain parameters, is a powerful, playful tool that is accessible to anyone regardless of their [...]


ReflectArt is an educational resource that links visual arts with emotional, social, and creative education. It proposes work divided into three interrelated and consecutive stages organised [...]