• Because we work with a clearly different model of pupil-teacher relationship, which is very much appreciated by our students and their families and is based on emotional rather than hierarchical criteria, with mutual respect as a fundamental value. This allows us to fulfil an essential first objective: that students are happy in the school and find it a motivating and pleasant environment which provides a foundation for all subsequent development of the educational model.
  • Because we meet our objective for our students to gain a solid academic preparation that allows them to freely choose their future and we do this using an innovative and motivating methodological model based on neurodidactics, which particularly focuses on learning competency rather than the rote-learning model traditional in the Spanish education system.
  • Because the students, after their time with us, reach a high proficiency in the English language, both spoken and written, and an initiation into a second language (French or German), and have developed their studies at a school where the concept of internationalization enables them to understand that they live in an increasingly wide and global world, in which the ability to understand and learn to adapt to different cultural environments is important.
  • Because we offer our students the opportunity to work on projects that go beyond a strict curriculum, adapting to their interests and addressing social, environmental, cultural, sporting or international issues thus ensuring a more complete educational experience.
  • Because we implement a model based on education in values, whose linking axis is the social and emotional education programme, aimed at making the concept of integral education a reality.
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