The Choir of the Emotions is based on the deep conviction that choral singing, when deployed under certain parameters, is a powerful, playful tool that is accessible to anyone regardless of their musical talent, with a focus on the emotional, social, and creative development of the students.

Choral singing lets students experience and enjoy practicing music. Vocal practice in particular is especially rewarding and beneficial as its additional impact on many socio-emotional variables translates into well-being.

By practicing proper artistic and musical abilities (sensitivity, imagination, hearing, a sense of rhythm, etc.), the Choir of the Emotions influences and strengthens other emotional, social, and creative aspects that are part of the Botín Foundation’s Responsible Education programme integrated into our Social and Emotional Education project.

The arts in general, and music and singing in particular, are ideal resources to provide our students with the greatest possible number of tools to recognise and manage their emotions in a healthy manner, a crucial element for the development of complete, happy human beings.

The Choir of the Emotions was born at our school in school year 2014-2015 for the Early Education stage and for 2nd and 4th grades, and later expanded to 1st and 3rd grades in 2015-2016, after assessing the enriching learning experience it offers.

Our Music teachers work with students on aspects such as breathing, intonation, different rhythms and frequencies, vocal exercises, etc… Meanwhile, students play with their voices and its possibilities, learning to sing as if it were a game. Students have enjoyed the process of finding their own voice, what can be more emotional and exciting?