Colegio Base International School is an independent, non-denominational private educational institution that covers the years from infancy through university admission. Its mission is to develop people within an emotional framework of trust and security to be healthy, free, critical, respectful, responsible, and able to design their own destinies. Through its own methodology, the school develops its students’ abilities and skills to ensure they acquire a good intellectual and academic preparation and are equipped with the tools necessary to operate in an increasingly complex and global society.


Colegio Base International School wants to continue developing an innovative educational model, with special attention to education in values, allowing students to achieve high academic levels, acquire a solid grounding in English. We will work in depth with the methodological model in which the integration of new technologies applied to education will be a distinctive element of the centre itself. All this must be achieved while maintaining close relationships between teachers, students, parents and other members of the educational community, as well as creating a framework that promotes personal and professional development for the people working at the centre.


Colegio Base International School is characterized by:

A) Its dynamic and innovative character which aims to be at the forefront of the latest methodologies, encouraging the use of new technologies applied to education.

B) An English immersion programme through which our students attain an excellent command of the language, allowing them to obtain prestigious external qualifications from the University of Cambridge. The model of language learning at the school is complemented by the obligation to take French or German from 5th grade of Primary and up to 2nd year of Baccalaureate.

C) A commitment to quality education through the implementation and development of management systems aimed at continuous improvement and in line with internationally accepted models.

D) The development of an educational model that promotes as values:

  • Respect for people regardless of race, gender, ideology or beliefs.
  • Respect for one’s own body, through specific programmes aimed at developing good habits for healthy lifestyles.
  • Responsibility and tolerance when part of a group.
  • A culture of effort and the development of intellectual curiosity.
  • An awareness of belonging to an increasingly global world that demands respect and knowledge of other cultures as well as the acquisition of basic skills that allow communication with them.
  • Encourage formal education and appropriate social habits for coexistence.
  • Instil respect for the environment, equipment and facilities of the school.
  • Develop students’ self-confidence.

E) A social commitment through taking part in volunteering projects with the aim of raising awareness, educating and involving the whole educational community.

F) A responsible attitude towards the environment, developing policies to preserve the natural environment and fostering attitudes that favour the achievement of these goals among all members of the educational community.

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