As of the school’s founding in 1962, we have been a liberal, mixed, non-denominational, independent school, with no political identification and no focus on any particular cultural or professional group or class.

One of the most important distinguishing features of the school is our model of student-teacher relationship, based on affective rather than hierarchical criteria, with mutual respect as its foundations. This allows us to fulfil an essential first objective: To make sure students are happy at the school and find it a motivating and pleasant environment which provides the basis for all subsequent development of the Educational Project.

Our main objective is the all-round development of our students through stimulating educational activities in all areas, balancing and valuing their action in each of them. Through this, we focus our efforts on getting the students to be able to:

  • Obtain a solid academic preparation by developing their own capacities and acquiring the competencies necessary for the development of their personal and professional futures.
  • Fully develop their ability to communicate perfectly in both spoken and written English and understand that they live in an increasingly global world in which it is essential to understand, appreciate, and respect other cultures.
  • Acquire and assume the values ​​contained in this educational project and put them into practice in all facets of their lives.
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