Educación Infantil

We understand that at this stage the emotional development of children is absolutely essential, so one of our cornerstones is to meet their need to receive the affection and security necessary to enable them to progress in all aspects. The happiness and welfare of the students is our main objective, and therefore we have a centre dedicated exclusively to students of this age, located in Camino Ancho, 12. This allows us to adapt our facilities and our educational model to their specific needs.

One of the fundamental characteristics of our model is personalized attention to the student. Perfectly knowing the students and carefully monitoring their progress is essential in order to respond to the variety of interests, abilities, rhythms of learning and realities of children at this stage.

At the level of the educational model, we have developed a methodology based on the principles of Neurodidactics and therefore we work through the use of active and participatory methods based on incorporating programmes for the overall development of the students’ abilities. For this, we use tools such as the “flipped-classroom,” project-based work through challenges or areas of interest.  For these courses, the school incorporates ICTs as methodological tools, introducing iPads, interactive whiteboards, blogs, and YouTube as tools, among others.

At this stage, we attach great importance to learning English through our “immersion courses,” introducing the language from the age of 1 and gradually increasing the number of teaching hours in this language to reach 50% of the school day by the age of 5.

We also start our social and emotional education programme, the fundamental axis around which the project for education in values turns. The aim is that children learn very early to understand their emotions and work with them as a basis for understanding and working with the emotions of others.

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