We understand that our students must, in addition to perfectly mastering the English language and having appropriate knowledge of a second foreign language, develop their learning in an environment of international character that allows them not only to express themselves in different languages, but also to understand that their future is going to be in an increasingly global world where boundaries are rapidly blurring, making it necessary to know, appreciate and understand other cultures.

Therefore, we have developed a project to internationalize the curriculum which includes:

  • The opportunity to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, for which the centre is currently an Applicant College and which will be available from September 2017, after the required authorization visit.
  • A wide range of activities with, and residential visits to, foreign countries.
  • Exchange programmes with schools in England, USA, France, Germany and Russia.
  • Programmes to study for a term, six months or an academic year in England, Canada, USA or Ireland.
  • Summer courses in English, French or German speaking countries.
  • Joint working projects with students of other nationalities (European Discussion Forum, the Model of the European Parliament, or the “Unesmun” Model from the United Nations for schools associated with UNESCO.
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