Our school was founded in 1962, inspired by the educational ideas of the Free Educational Institution which has been committed to educational, cultural and social renewal since 1876 and was, at that time, the channel through which the most advanced educational and scientific theories were being introduced into Spain.

The methodology behind our educational model is based on constructivism, which is applied in pedagogy as a teaching concept oriented towards action and in psychology as an explanatory theory of learning processes based on knowledge already acquired.

This educational theory proposes a paradigm in which the teaching-learning process is dynamic, participatory and interactive between the teacher and the student, so that the knowledge is a real construction operated by the person who is learning.

Our methodology implies the need to equip students with tools that allow them to build their own procedures to resolve a situation and for teachers to accompany them as guides, facilitating and orienting the constant process of learning, with the student being the key player in the process.

During all these years, our growth has been motivated by this spirit, which we want to maintain, building a differential and innovative educational model that offers our students those teaching methods that best suit their educational needs.

We are currently developing a project based on Neurodidactics, unifying the methodology we have already been implementing with the contribution of the latest research in this field and its application in the classroom.

Neuroeducation is a new discipline which aims to optimize the processes of teaching and learning based on current knowledge about the functioning of the human brain.

In this innovative project, research in neuroscience, psychology and teaching converge, therefore it is a trans-disciplinary approach.

Our school wants to be a living school which acts, grows, and develops taking into account the present, and current both global and local research and reality, so that each of our students learns to live, to create their own identity, and to discover the world and be able to transform it.

Our educational model translates into the everyday actions and expressions of our students, their families, our teachers, and all members of the educational community, brought together as a constantly evolving learning community. 

In our Neurodidactics project, a number of individual and differential projects are integrated as specific applications, such as:

– The Responsible Education Programme (network of centres in collaboration with the Fundación Botín) and its application to Arts Education:


Choir of the Emotions

– Tools for Emotional Intelligence in the classroom

– Prevention Programmes: Respect and Protect, Living together at school, etc.

  • A Flying-off Platform: “Emotions Library,” a space for wonder and creativity.
  • OAVL Project: creation of a children’s opera company. Opera, a Vehicle for Learning (OAVL) is an educational project focused on the emotional, social and cognitive development of students. In addition, we apply it in our school as a tool to work on English language proficiency.
  • “Hands on Science”: Project Based Learning (PBL) and applied experimentation in ​​Primary Science.
  • Robotics: a cross-curricular implementation, facilitating the learning of content in instrumental subjects.
  • Ecobase: environmental education and awareness project.
  • Volunteering project: project focused on education for development.

Active, Participatory and Experimental

Integrated Technologies

Multiple Intelligences and Neurodidactics

High academic standards

Cognitive, emotional and social development

Body Intelligence

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