This is a cross-sectional joint project that involves the subject areas of Mathematics and Plastic and Visual Arts Education that is completed by 3rd-year Secondary education students and consists in the development of the design and printing of a 3D logo.

The movement is approached from Mathematics: Movement, rotation, axial and central symmetry. The project is completed with GeoGebra, a software used to create mosaics and the two-dimensional design of a logo to which one or several movements are applied.

The construction of triangles and quadrilaterals and their classification and characteristics are approached from Plastic and Visual Arts. The basic concepts on the characteristics of brand and logo design are studied.

The design of a two-dimensional logo made of quadrilaterals, triangles, or any other polygons and the application of movement to it are completed from both of these subject areas simultaneously. These are first sketched freehand on paper. In the second phase, drawing instruments are used.

We distribute the students in groups of 4 or 5 to pick a design and work on it. Everyone will make the necessary changes to bring volume to the design. Sketches are created using shading and colouring. The final result does not have to be true to the original, and everyone participate in the creation of the piece, taking on different tasks within the group.

Once the design is ready at technical level, on a model at scale and its corresponding dimensions, they will design the logo with the Autodesk 123DDesign software. Each group will work on the designs on a computer, with the support of two teachers, in several joint sessions. The finishing of the pieces will be performed in the Arts classroom where they will be sanded and painted using acrylic paint.

All the information will be registered together with the pictures of all the phases of the project on a collaborative Google Sites page:

The students also design a QR code, associating each logo to the website that shows each phase of that specific design.