The project A Flying-off Platform takes place in our Emotions Library, a unique space that fosters creativity and awakens amazement and the search for knowledge.

It is a space where students can understand, experience, take advantage of, and enjoy everything related to reading motivation. It involves free and unlimited access to knowledge, thought, culture, information, curiosity, and the world of emotions as a vehicle for learning.

It is also a place for children to value, respect, and understand the importance of silence and serenity to enjoy learning and the creation processes.

We would like to instil the desire for knowledge in students and provide them with a space where they can choose, where they have the freedom and tranquillity to search for questions amid laughter, silence, and amazement.

Care for the classroom architecture allows for the creation of different comfort zones to read and create. There’s even a tree that can transport us to a magical world!

The students have books at their fingertips, with freedom to choose and a colour code that guides them to select the most appropriate material for their age.


The activities planned to meet our objectives include the following:

  • We encourage interactive meetings among students in different educational stages across the entire school, in which they can learn from each other and enjoy storytelling and workshops on traditional stories and world legends.
  • We prepare puppet and finger puppet shows, shadow theatre, small moving theatres, and Kamishibai (a didactic storytelling resource that is very popular in Japan).
  • During recess and the allotted times, students can exchange and share their books, ideas, time, and literary and cultural concerns.
  • A large part of the activities are created and organised by the students themselves under our supervision.
  • Various professionals from the educational community participate in our special workshop “The child in you” where we share our childhood, our dreams, our favourite readings, and how we work with our students while we accompany their learning and development processes.
  • The students’ families are invited to participate in monographic workshops and training activities suggested by them, creating an open learning community for everyone.


This project is integrated into our Neurodidactics and Emotional and Social Education project.