The school has a Guidance and Counselling Department that is fully integrated into the life of the school, working with students, families and teachers in monitoring students’ development. It is composed of three specialists in childhood and adolescence.

Its objectives and main functions are:


Assist in the anticipation, detection and monitoring of any possible learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems of students.


Advise the teachers and tutors in the process of teaching and student learning.

Provide general and/or individual information to students to help them guide their academic and professional lives.



Make individual assessments at the request of tutors, teachers or families in order to anticipate and detect learning or personal difficulties in a timely manner.

Personalized attention

Personalized attention for families upon detection or monitoring of any kind of difficulty presented by the student.

Academic and professional guidance

Throughout the Secondary and Baccalaureate stages, the Guidance Department supports our students in their decision-making process by providing all the information necessary and establishing the conditions for critical reflection on their personal and professional future.

Family School

Through the Fundación Colegio Base, we have developed a Family School programme in which, through lectures and discussions and with the involvement of specialists in different areas, we address topics of interest related to the world of education at our students’ different stages of development.

Examples might be: issues related to emotional education, parents’ communication with their children, interpersonal relationships, overprotection, etc.

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