The OAVL project –Opera, a Vehicle for Learning, is an educational tool with the goal of having an original opera created by the students of a class. It also seeks to make the creation process of the piece to be appreciated and valued as the truly essential part. It is a project that works a range of human abilities that are essential for the students’ development and are worked in the form of cooperative games, metaphors and an endless amount of challenges and adventures.

It is an educational project focused on the emotional, social and cognitive development of students. OAVL is a challenge that opens up the classroom to emotions, imagination, shared effort, and to the discovery and acceptance of all students’ abilities. In it, the student will live individually and collectively the excitement of learning.

The project is currently being developed with students from 2nd grade of Primary education and it is carried out entirely in English.

On the first day of class, students are informed that, from that very moment, each and every one of them are part of a Children’s Opera Company. Together, they will embark on the adventure of creating an original opera that will last the school year. Armed with a suitcase and a paddle -as a metaphor-, the students will embark on an emotional journey rowing together towards the creation of an opera that unites, fills, and excites them. The group of 2nd graders will write the opera and will get together in groups by “professions,” which will be previously chosen by them: Director, stage manager, stage designer, gaffers, costume designers, make-up, musicians, actors and actresses. At the end of the process, they will put on a completely original opera, entirely created by them.

proyecto lova, colegio base madrid Proyecto lova colegio base madrid

For more information: www.proyectolova.es